Kaş, Turkey


Surrounded by high mountains lies the picturesque small town of Kas. The ancient fishermen’s village has been able to maintain its charm, remaining free from mass tourism. The heart of Kas, which was called “Andifli” until 1923, is formed by the “Uzuncarsi” with its ancient Greek houses, selected shops and boutiques and the Lycian “lion sarcophagus” at the end of the street.

Various cultures and tribes have been settling in Kas. First and foremost, the Lycians, which left behind the famous and impressive tombs, but also the Hellenes, whose theater can still be admired in Kas.

Today, Kas is a modern place which is conscious of its history and offers a warm welcome to all its guests. The numerous beaches – partly only accessible via boat – not only invite you to take a swim or a sun bath, but the rocky coastline also offers an exciting underwater world to scuba divers and snorkelers. The extraordinary coastline with its beautiful bays and islands in the turquoise colored sea can also be admired from the top during a (tandem) paraglider flight. Besides, horse riding, mountain biking, coasteering and kayaking are some of the many possible activities in the Kas area.

A walk through the “Lycian past” amazes not only the culturally interested: Excursions to historic tombs and ruins, often nestled between olive groves and rich flora, are a highlight and must see for all age groups – whether guided by one of the local travel agencies or exploring on your own. In addition to the great variety of outdoor activities, countless shopping possibilities, bars and restaurants await you!


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